Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some times you feel like you have the force. Other times, not so much.

When I first started working at post-doc institution, I felt pretty awesome. Experiments were working well, Magnum, P.I. was impressed with my performance, etc. Things were moving along quite nicely. During this period of bliss, I somehow became synced up with the building elevators. Almost every day the elevators doors would part just as I approached them. It was one hand wave away from using the force.
One year and 8 months into my post-doc, things are a bit different. I'm in the middle of a cloning debacle and it is seriously starting to wear me down. The building must sense my ineptitude as the elevators have ceased cooperating. It's not just that the doors don't open when I get to the elevator. The doors are already open when I get to the elevator, but when I choose to step through them, they decide to close and ram me back and forth like a pinball. It's like the building is mocking me. Not to mention, it kind of hurts.
Of course, I won't allow my ass to be kicked by an elevator. The simple solution is to just press the up button before walking onto the elevator, even if one of the elevators is already available (taunting you). However, it was way more fun when I could pretend I was using the force.


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Oh dear. Sorry about the cloning debacle, but there were some seriously funny images in this post and now I'm smiling.


Maybe you could sing "Elevation" by U2 next time you're in an elevator? Then they might start liking you again. At the very least your colleagues will realise the strain you're under and help you with your cloning.

Girlpostdoc said...

I like to remember the following when I get shat upon by science:

Sometimes you're the statue and other times you're the pigeon.

I hope things get better!

EcoGeoFemme said...


Chloƫ said...

Hey, that's a shame about your work at the moment. Fingers crossed the Force gets back up and running again soon!

- Chloƫ

microbiologist xx said...

Cath - First of all, I would be laughing my ass off if I saw this happen to someone else and I would probably laugh at myself if it weren't so early in the morning.

I'll give U2 a try. It can't hurt.

Girlpostdoc - LOL! I'm totally the statue right now.

EGF - I'm pretty sure that is the security guards reaction.

Chloe - Thanks. I hope so too!!

Anonymous said...

What you need is a gay robot to help you with the cloning, and maybe a lightsaber to deal with your labmates.

Seriously, this is pretty typical when doing a postdoc. It's like running a marathon - at some point you think, fuck I can't finish this. But of course you do.