Thursday, August 26, 2010

WTF did you just call me?

I was reading a post over at Profgrrrrl's and it got me thinking about names. As I mentioned in my last real post, there is a person employed here who does not bother learning the names of the people who work in the lab. This might be because they (a) are too lazy (b) have difficulty remembering and pronouncing foreign names or (c) are just plain rude. Personally, I think it is a combination of a and b. Because s/he doesn't know our actual names, s/he must come up with other things to call us. Examples include:

Skinny guy - a.k.a. my graduate student. He is Asian and yes, he is skinny, but not overly so.
Hat guy - this is the M.D./Ph.D. student in the lab that wears a baseball hat almost every day.
Tall girl - M.D. working in the lab.

The best/most annoying one (depending on your perspective) is:
Canteen. This is how s/he refers to me. S/he tried to read my name off of a shipping label and this is what s/he came up with. Now, my name is a bit difficult to pronounce when you read it. People typically say it one of three ways, none of which are correct. I thought I had heard it all, but apparently I has not.
Here is what Canteen has in common with my real name:
(1) starts with a C
(2) contains the letters N and A
(3) is two syllables.

Here is what Canteen does not have in common with my real name:
(1) My name is not Canteen
(2) My name does not have "teen" or anything that looks like "teen" anywhere in it.
(3) In fact, my name does not contain the letters T or E
(4) My name contains 4 letters total.


chall said...

overall this person sounds like a .. well... fascinating person.

I have worse adjectives to write but yeah, we'll stay with that.

I'd be really tired and annoyed. canteen my ass.

ScientistMother said...

so now i'm really really curious as to what your name is...

SM Grandfather was named Billy by all the people who were too lazy (ie non-punjabi people) to learn his real name. My father and my father-in-law had the same problem. Sadly, some things do not change with time...

chall said...

MXX and SM; yes, I turn curious too... but I'm figuring that Can't is not a name ;)

anyway, I have a uneasy pronouncing name in English, but I have one advantage - I know if I have introduced myself to someone of if they only have read my name.... two various ways of saying it...

microbiologist xx said...

bwah, hah, hah - maybe one of these days we'll meet up in a conference and reveal or real names!

Jenny F. Scientist, PhD said...

I confess, I did once refer to two rotons as Stinky and Shi-Tzu, but! Once they joined the lab I learned their names. And even called them by their real names. Except for Shi-Tzu, whose name was Shi-Tsieh, but who went by Jeff. I called him Jeff.