Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little blog roll help, please.

I've noticed a few of the blogs I frequent are moving over to lab spaces, etc. In addition, I've seriously neglected my own blog roll. I really want to get everything updated and I don't want to miss anyone, so I am hoping for a little help from the blogosphere. So, if the following statements describe you, please me a shout in the comments section, I would really appreciate it:
1. You've changed locations.
2. You've included me on your blog roll and are not already on my blog roll.
3. You would like to me to include your blog on my blog roll.

Thanks in advance.
Also, if you fall into category 2, my apologies and I'll try not to let it happen again.



chall said...

I guess this means I shouldn't say anything since 1,2 and 3 doesn't apply to me :) (not moved, I'm there, you're there und so weiter...)

but I couldn't resist saying hello. I guess I need to update my blog roll too... I was thinking about that ""feed thingy" where I can see the newest addition on the side, but haven't really figured out how to do it. I'm sure it's easy though?!?

microbiologist xx said...

Oh Chall, you can always comment. :) Who would turn down a hello! Hello back.

I've really just let the blog roll go. It's not intentional. I started to realize people had me on their blogroll and I wanted to reciprocate, so I kept putting it off thinking I would sit down and make a list so I didn't miss anyone. Well, you can see how that worked out. Based on the comments section of this post, I guess I'll do it the hard way. ;)

tideliar said...

:) I really need to get my blogroll set up...

Thomas Joseph said...

I'm still where I've always been. I recently had to update my own blogroll because people keep moving.