Monday, June 14, 2010

Rebooting the blog

I know, I know, it's been a while...a long, long while, but sometime real life gets in the way of blogging. While this is bound to happen, it poses a few problems for me:
1. A backlog from hell.
If I am not posting, I'm typically not reading. As a result, there are a ton of blog posts building up in my reader. I'll try to make the effort to read many of them, but I'll eventually give up and just skip to the most current posts so that I can actually leave a timely comment.

2. Zero good ideas.
It seems like the longer I go without blogging the harder it is to get my blogging chi back. I get really blocked and am unable to come up with a good idea for a post. It's a vicious cycle.

3. Cobwebs.
When I finally do come up with a good post idea, it takes me FOREVER to write something coherent. My flow is all messed up and I delete 75% of what I write.

I made it through my first full week back at work and started a new workout routine at a new fitness center. I figured that this week I would fire up the old blog and try to get back into regular posting. Hopefully writing about it will make me accountable.

And for anyone who was worried, I did not break anything expensive, set myself on fire or spill a caustic chemical all over myself. Aside from that, I didn't get too much accomplished. Everyone wanted to talk and ask (the same) questions about having a baby, etc and this took up a good chunk of time. Even though I didn't get too much accomplished, I felt like I had found my groove by Friday and that makes me pretty happy. I am not very productive when my groove is not intact. :)

Hope everyone else is kicking ass. I'll be catching up with everyone soon.


ScientistMother said...

glad that you're first week was a success! blog when you can, and comment when you can. we all understand - trust me we do! happy to know all is well

post-doc said...

Yay for not catching on fire! I suspect you'll find a rhythm again - it may be slightly different, but I predict it will kick ass.

chall said...

yay, you're back :) good all things seem good with you and baby and work!!

enojy the summer!

Anonymous said...

I think the blog is the first thing to go for me when life happens... ;) Good to hear from ya, and glad work is moving along!

tideliar said...

never apologise for not blogging MXX. One of the beauties of a blog is it is solely yours to command. If it becomes a chore then it's often not worth it. I have hit a lull due to some family stuff + World Cup + grant season. It'll pass and I'll start ranting and raving again soon.

Enjoy the break and come back fresh. we'll be here :)

Dr. A said...

Welcome back... I'm thinking of coming back too.

microbiologist xx said...

Dr. A - I hope you do!!