Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get back to where you once belonged

That is the theme of this week. Actually, my theme for this week is start the process of getting back to where you once belonged. This is the first week that I actually feel like a human. I'm adjusting to the sleep deprivation and mini-xx is getting into a routine which is allowing me to start accomplishing some non-baby related activities.

Although I didn't get all the experiments completed that I wanted before I began maternity leave, I did acquire enough data to start writing my first manuscript from post-doc lab. Since I want to get a good draft together before I return to work in a few weeks, I decided that I must get started writing this week. While I am happy to report that I did start writing, I am less thrilled about the progress I am making. Monday and Tuesday were down right painful. I found it difficult to concentrate and I could not get into a groove at all. On Wednesday, things weren't quite as painful and I actually managed to crank out an entire results section.

I also decided that this was a great week to start exercising again. After all, it's been two and a half weeks since the baby was born and three and a half weeks since I exercised at all. Not to mention, my best friend is getting married in Hawaii in August and I am in her wedding, which means I'll be in a ton of wedding pictures and I'll need to feel comfortable in a bathing suit. I wanted to start slow, so on Monday I started walking 2 miles a day. Next week I will increase the distance and start adding in some jogging. (I actually tried jogging this week, but my old sports bras don't really accommodate my near porno-sized boobs, so it was a bit painful.)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find my groove by next week.


ScientistMother said...

wow that is a lot to accomplish 2 weeks after having a baby! I still am shocked how small yours and ScienceGirls Mat leaves are.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Go XX!

I was thinking the exact same things as ScientistMother!

microbiologist xx said...

SM - yes, the US maternity leave is pretty short compared to almost everywhere else. I could have taken 12 weeks, but I don't have enough sick days and vacation days so I wouldn't have gotten paid for it. To be honest though, I don't know how much time I could take off at this point in my career. I am already going stir crazy!

Cath - thanks for the cheers. I am going to need them. I might have to start something on my blog to keep me accountable for my workouts. Does this help with your motivation?

EcoGeoFemme said...

Good for you! Although those seem like awfully ambitious goals so soon after giving birth. Good luck!

~profgrrrrl~ said...

Wow. You are seriously getting a lot done. I am amazed.

Cloud said...

Hi, I followed a link over from Dr. O. So I am even more of a random internet stranger than anyone else... but, I agree- wow. You're getting a lot done.

After my first was born, I didn't feel human until she was about 6 weeks old. My second came via C section, which made the physical recovery take longer. But she was a better sleeper, which helped heaps.

Anyway, go easy on yourself if in the next few weeks you feel like you get set back- I remember feeling good, and then bad, and then good again throughout that entire first year of motherhood. It is a big adjustment.

I'm surprised you don't at least get the 6 weeks disability. Is that because you're a postdoc and don't pay into state disability? Regardless, yes, US maternity leave policies suck big time.

Congrats on the new baby!

chall said...

oh dear, that's impressive schedule. I'm trying to find my groove and I haven't had a baby ;)

Just remember to listen to the body when you start exercising. A friend of mine got some hip/back trouble from starting running since the ligaments were still in "baby/preggers phase" and a bit soft. Walking is the best fat burning anyway so maybe some walk with the baby? And the maternity leave (and non exitant paternity leave where I am) sucks. I'm sorry you couldn't take 6 weeks at least with pay.(what I can take where I am now, totally shocking from the European view I have.... still...)

Hope all goes well with the work too. As I have started to look at my old stuff I am a bit scared, but happy when it will be over.

Candid Engineer said...

W00t! Good for you... I hope you can strike a nice balance between new baby business and getting back to where you want to be work and body-wise.