Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A dash of drama

I can say with almost absolute certainty that right now, my plate is full and my ability to deal with unexpected problems that are potentially disastrous is, well, lacking in grace. Blame it on hormones, lack of sleep, an over-ambitious work schedule, feeling like a fat blob...whatever. It just is.
I recently learned that one of the letters of recommendation required for my fellowship did not get uploaded onto the electronic form. I learned this after the deadline. The person responsible for this particular letter swears they turned in the letter. In fact, they are adamant that the letter got submitted before the due date and I believe them. I sent an email to my contact person at the granting agency explaining the situation, waited for a response and tried not to lose my shit.
On the one hand, I know my chances of getting the first fellowship I apply for is pretty slim, but putting that application together, while a great learning experience, was extremely time consuming and frustrating. I want it to at least get reviewed and not thrown out on some kind of technicality.
In the end, the association I applied to contacted my referent and ended up allowing them to send the letter of support through the mail. WHEW...
Talk about feeling relieved. I really expected the association to tell me they couldn't do anything since the deadline had passed. In fact, I was so sure of this response that I almost didn't even bother trying to rectifying the situation. Once I reminded myself how much work I put into the fellowship application, I decided that it couldn't hurt to try.
I cannot express how relieved I am that everything worked out and I am so thankful that the association I applied to allowed my referent to resubmit their letter of recommendation.


EcoGeoFemme said...

How shitty that you have to deal with this kind of stuff along with everything else!

I hope you get it! (Or at least some really constructive reviews.)

quietandsmalladventures said...

good luck!! i've heard sooo many stories of letters of support not meeting deadlines that it's the one thing i actually hyperventilate about. that's awesome that they allowed yours post-deadline, it gives me hope!

microbiologist xx said...

EGF - Yes! It really sucked. I hope I get something back too.

QASA - thanks! I think next time I will ask at least one extra person for a letter in an effort to prevent this from happening. Surely, two people wouldn't have problems or forget. :)

Anonymous said...

I usually tell my reviewers a deadline that is a few days early. I remind them again a week before the deadline, then I contact the fellowship people by email to be sure the letters all made it. It's worked for me so far..

BTW, if your mentor has a grant from the NIAID, I think there is a supplement you would be interested in..