Friday, October 30, 2009

Avoiding the stuff I've been avoiding

Sooner or later, it was going to happen. My bench space and office space look like a cat. 4 hurricane blew through them, I’m ages behind on my lab notebook and there are various acrylamide gels hanging around in destain mocking me. If I listen hard enough I can hear them. Mostly they say, “Do you even know what proteins you ran on me x number of weeks ago.”

So today, I organize, at least for a little while. So far, progress is painful and slow and I’ve taken every opportunity for distraction that’s come my way. I did manage to clean up all the dirty tubes and tend to my mess of acrylamide gels, but that is about it.

After progressing at a glacial pace, I decided that a hungry Microbiologist XX is not a productive Microbiologist XX, so I accepted an invitation to lunch where I ate a very yummy burrito.

After lunch, I decided a change of scenery might bolster my productivity, so I switched to the office with every good intention of completely updating my lab notebook. I did actually start to update the notebook, but as usual it started sucking really bad and I got distracted.

So, here I am writing a blog post, avoiding the stuff I always avoid.

OK, seriously, I am really going to get back to “work” (until I find something else to distract me).

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