Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What does a scientist look like anyway?

Obviously, we all know the stereotype of a scientist's physical appearance and it's on the corner of giant nerd and crazy. While a few of my co-workers over the years certainly fall within that description, it hardly describes scientists at large. Most of my fellow lab mates, including myself, look like everyone else. However, from time to time I hear my co-workers complaining that no one suspects they are scientists and most of them feel this is because they are women. Personally, I think it's difficult to assume anyones job unless that job requires a uniform or uniform-like attire (i.e. scrubs). I don't know why anyone would look at me in the grocery store and assume I am a microbiologist or any other type of professional. 
So, just for fun, I thought I would let everyone guess what the dudes in the embedded video do for a living. I'll give the careers, and if you want, see if you can guess which person does what for a living. 
The careers are: (a) software developer, (b) patent lawyer, (c) owner of successful business that produces educational software and videos for children and (d) self-employed executive recruiter.

Sorry people, the video doesn't start immediately. Just give it about 20 sec. ;)




Viktor @Stripped Science said...

The correct answer is C. Always the longest answer are true in tests.

Hermitage said...

Since my field is dominated by teh boys and I am generally a hermit, almost all the graduate students in my department remain convinced I am some student from another department, or an REU, or a relative of a professor...or something. Apparently we can't identify one of us even when you are part of the us. If that makes any sense.

Stealth Science Ninjas ftw!

microbiologist xx said...

Viktor - LOL! It is the correct answer...for one of them.

Hermitage - It does make sense and it sucks.

birger said...

Let's see...

The drummer. Not always appreciated. Likes to make a lot of noise whenever he's allowed to; Must be the lawyer

The guy in the hat. Likes to show off; Must be the recruiter.

The long-haired guy. Seems like a cozy guy; Must be the children business owner.

The last one. The one that doesn't really get any attention, but is pretty important to make everything hold together; Must be the software guy.

microbiologist xx said...

birger - Thanks for taking a guess. You got one right. The singer indeed owns a business that provides educational materials for kids.
The other were...
Drummer - recruiter
Guy with hat/guitar player is the software developer
The one that doesn't really get any attention/the bass player is the patent lawyer.