Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here we go again...

In yet another attempt to eat better and live better, Lancelot and I are making changes.

Change 1: get off our asses.
This change actually started a few weeks ago and so far, it's going well. We try to walk and/or jog for a distance of around two miles, two to three times per week. My personal goal is to get up to 4 miles, three times a week. I can make it just beyond two and Lancelot can make it just under two. I don't know what Lancelot's overall goals are, but the fact that he is even going is good enough for me.

Change 2: eat better
This is actually quite difficult as Lancelot and I eat out a lot. When we do eat at home, we typically eat frozen something. To transition into eating healthy without making ourselves so miserable that we want to quit, we needed to break this change down into baby steps.
baby step 1: eat at home
There is no requirement that the food is healthy and the only goal is to get adjusted to cooking and eating at home. The current plan dictates that each of us plan and cook two non-frozen pizza meals per week. The remaining three meals are "free." If we can keep this up for a reasonable amount of time, then we move onto baby step 2.
baby step 2: make the meals moderately healthy.
baby step 3: start brining lunch to work...maybe left overs.

The plan seems simple enough, but that doesn't mean we won't fail miserably at it. The continued commitment to exercise is promising, but seriously, we suck at this.


Epicanis ( http://www.bigroom.org/wordpress ) said...

For me, it helps to find an activity that is something other than simple "exercise" but can be COUNTED as "exercise", like my paddling trips around Lake Conroe, or exploratory hiking (urban or wilderness).

Ambivalent Academic said...

You can do it!

microbiologist xx said...

Epicanis - Good suggestions. I don't think I could replace all exercise with hikes or the like, but it would probably be worth it just to mix things up a bit.

AA - thanks!!

chall said...

hm, my comment seems to have gotten erased...

I wish you good luck!