Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spread the love around

Dear new lab person who shares my office,

I am really glad you joined the lab. You seem smart, funny and motivated and I really love your accent. However, it would be totally awesome if you could just sometimes, like once a day, ask someone else in the lab for help. I know for a fact that they know where all the media, tubes, glassware and equipment is located and I think they will at least point you in the general direction. And pretty please, with sugar on top, stop lingering behind me when I am working at the bench. This does not make me work faster, not to mention it is distracting me and making me less-inclined to want to help you. Maybe I am just weird, but I really don't like it.




Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Ugh, I hate having people watch me work. I instantly start making completely ridiculous mistakes, like dropping things or mis-spelling my own name.

I don't get the only asking one person for help thing either. I always say that the most important thing to do in a new job is to find out who to ask for what - but now I'll be adding "and try not to piss anyone off in the process" to my rule!

tideliar said...

Gotta say it to his face dude...

microbiologist xx said...

Cath - LOL. I really don't mind fielding the majority of questions, but damn, when I am holding a pipeteman in front of an open flame, I might be busy.

TL - Said it to the face this week. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Thomas Joseph said...

... when I am holding a pipeteman in front of an open flame, I might be busy.

You pipette fire! Damn, awesome!

microbiologist xx said...

TJ - LMAO! YES!!! I am that bad ass.