Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Damn, I'm an idiot

I spent the better part of today and yesterday, both at work and at home, running around like a chicken with my head cut off in an effort to get ready to go on vacation. I had abstracts to get written and submitted, freezer stocks to make, and of course favors to ask so that I wouldn't be totally dead in the water when I returned. Not to mention, trying to squeeze in a few more experiments. Outside of work, I also had no shortage of errands. I had to pick up the bridesmaid dress from the tailors, pack seven days worth of clothes, buy a swim suit to accommodate my redonkulous new bust, get my parents over to the house so that they could learn the delicate balance of litter box maintenance and trash day that comes with four cats and get all mini-xx's stuff together. It's not like I was waiting until the last minute, it's just that yesterday and today was all the time I had for the above activities. There was other bullshit that consumed the weekend.
About 30 min. ago, while I was coordinating with my Mom about when to pick up mini-xx in the morning, I was interrupted. It went something like this:
Lancelot: "Uhhhh, we're leaving tomorrow?"
MXX: "Yeah, dude. We're leaving tomorrow."
Lancelot (looking panicked): "I thought we were leaving Thursday! Seriously? We're leaving tomorrow?"
MXX: "Seriously. Yes. It's in my calendar for tomorrow." We stair at each other for a few minutes. "Let's check the itinerary."
I pull out the itinerary from the travel agent and find that we are in fact leaving on THURSDAY which is NOT tomorrow!

Fucking fuck! I really need to get more sleep.


ScientistMother said...

welcome by dear welcome to my world. At least everything is done and you have time to double check...

thats me trying to give a silver lining.

chall said...

..but that's better than being in the other place..."we're leaving Thursday, nope - we're leaving tomorrow" ;)

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Chall...plus, it makes for a funny blog post. :)

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Oh yeah, SO much better than doing it the other way around!

Have a great vacation!

microbiologist xx said...

Oh yeah, the other way around would have sucked.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes.