Thursday, March 4, 2010

Would you like me to yell at you?

If you find a centrifuge in another lab with a sign on it that reads, "Out of Order. DO NOT USE!" Would you:

(a) Find an alternative, knowing that using a broken centrifuge can damage the centrifuge further and even cause severe destruction or injury.
(b) Ignore the note and use the centrifuge anyway.
(c) When busted using the centrifuge, argue with the person who catches you, citing that since the centrifuge could be turned on, it must be functional.
(d) Continue to argue with person, even after they explain to you that the error code indicates that you should cease using the centrifuge immediately and contact the manufacturer.

If you answered b, c or d, then I can only conclude that you want me to yell at you. You may also conclude that you are a jack-ass.


Dimitris said...

Jack-ass oh yeah but I will add dumb, moron, imbecile and a wide collection of 4-letter words.

quietandsmalladventures said...

hahhahhaha! i didn't know you were post-doc'ing at my uni!

chall said...

sounds like reality.

"what? well, I didn't think the note really meant that. clearly the centrifuge closed and started. what do you mean, damage further.... it works. right?"

I would've thrown their samples away. just to be an asshat (who screams).

Thomas Joseph said...

Sounds like someone needs to make off with the power cord so dumbasses can't use it.

microbiologist xx said...

Dimitris - 4-letter words totally apply to this situation and I used a few, but only after I was argued with.

QASA - So idiots are indeed everywhere. ;)

chall - I know, right? We just put that sign there for shits and giggles. I did not throw their samples away, but I like to think they got ruined during the exchange as they were sitting at room temp.

TJ - I didn't even think of that - doh! I was considering hiding the rotors though. However, we have multiple rotors and only one power cord, so that is a MUCH better idea. I'm gonna do it now. :)