Monday, November 30, 2009

A great holiday

I did not travel.

I did not entertain family or friends.

I did not eat turkey, or any other Thanksgiving-type food.

Instead, I had 5 days off from work (and I only worked on one of them).

It was totally freaking awesome!


EcoGeoFemme said...

What did you do? Had this been my post, it would have been code for "I laid around blogging and playing the bubble game in my pajamas for 5 days".

Hopefully you did something a little more interesting! In any case, glad you enjoyed it!

ScientistMother said...

ooh that sounds so good! I am so jealous!

chall said...

sounds awesome! I had plans for that but alas, it turned out to be me and the sickbed.

happy you are rested!!

microbiologist xx said...

EGF - LOL! Well, there was a fair bit of lying around and playing video games, but I also cleaned out a closet, which was a HUGE undertaking. It was a few objects away from being one of those closets where you can't open the door without crap tumbling out onto you.
SM - It was wonderful, but I doubt I'll have another for many years to come.
chall - being sick on free vacation days is a total bummer. I really hope this isn't your T-giving ritual. I hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess... Call of Duty MW2... Oh,no... not The Sims 3...
Aw, shit. It was somethin' cute and crappy on the Wii, wasn't it?

microbiologist xx said...

TR -C'mon now. It was playing something super nerdy on the powerbook...SimCity4. I was going to play Spore, but had an itch for SimCity. My husband was hogging the good, big TV and the game console playing Grand Theft Auto.

Thomas Joseph said...

I got Spore Hero for the Wii on Black Friday ($19.99 at GameStop). Good game, finished it already. Now I'm off playing KillZone for the PS2, oh and Mario Kart 64 that I downloaded on the Virtual Console.