Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things that sound better than Nickelback

A car containing two howling, caged cats on their way to a teeth cleaning.

This is how my morning began.

I awake to four howling cats who are very pissed about the lack of food and water since midnight. Two cats are subsequently caged, one of which requires trapping and capturing. As it is my turn to take the cats to the vet, I got the pleasure of driving in a small vehicle with two very upset cats that are all too happy to share this displeasure for the duration of the trip.

As a reward, I decided to treat myself to a kolache for breakfast in lieu of my traditional breakfast bar. It was during the kolache purchase that I was accosted with the sounds of Nickelback. As I just left the two howling cats, I could easily compare and contrast the two sounds and decided that indeed, the howling cats were infinitely were pleasing.

Thankfully, when I got back in my car, U2 came on, saving me from a day filled with Nickelack stuck on repeat in my head. whew.


Interdisciplinary Introspective said...

When I was a kid, my Dad used to drag one or all of me and my sisters along to vet appointments with our animals. Once, our cat ripped her way out of a cardboard carrying case (in under 10 mintues) and then ran shrieking around the car, and another time she peed on my sister's lap. Good times! Thank goodness my husband is allergic to cats. Only dogs in our house now.

Thomas Joseph said...

Nickelback is an appropriate name for them. It's about all I'd pay to hear them, and then of course I'd want a refund.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...


I hate Nickelback. I actually can't tell the difference between their various songs, which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't suck so bad. AND I know someone who met the drummer at a party, and said he was a total dick.

I apologise on behalf of Canada.

ScientistMother said...

I hate NickleBack. I know I *should* love them due to nationality, geography etc. But I just can't.

Cath - you can't tell the difference between the songs because they all have the exact same tune with different lyrics.

Hermitage said...

I listen to Nickleback*. That's right, you heard me. I LIKE some of their songs. So there.

*ignore the fact they remain untouched on my itunes for over 1.5yrs. I love them in my HEART, ok?!!

microbiologist xx said...

II - LOL! That sounds horrible. My biggest fear regarding the vet trips is that my cat that can't be handled will bust out of her cage while I am driving. There is no way I could catch her, especially in the car. Thankfully none of them pee on us. :)

TJ - agreed! B.T.W. My husband thought that was pretty funny. He hates them too.

Cath - No need to apologize. The US has unleashed plenty of shitty music on the masses. In fact, If it wasn't for the shitty American band Creed and their melodrama rock style, I don't know if we would have to hear crap like Nickelback.

SM - I don't feel coming from the same country should damn you to listening to bad music. There is no reason to torture yourself. :)

Hermitage - LOL! It's OK. I still think you're awesome and I take comfort in the fact that you haven't played them in over a year. ;)

tideliar said...

They were great when they first came out, waay back when. I saw at 'em at a little venue in PA. Fucking brilliant live show. Now, though, repetitive shite for emo teens.