Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brief surface

Life is kicking my ass right now.

I still have a trillion things to write*, a trillion proteins to purify**, a trillion constructs to make*** and two presentations to create and deliver this week****.

Renovations are stalled out due to a lack of time and motivation. Even so, that second bedroom really needs to get painted as the next several steps hinge on its completion. There is other stuff going on here too, but it's too boring and frustrating to write about at the moment.

I am fatigued (did I mention insomnia is super awesome and fun?) and annoyed and in a few more days I am likely to reach a homicidal state. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me, but if I blog anymore I'm going to go off on a wicked rant.

Hopefully life will return to normalcy next week and I'll feel less ranty.

*actual number = 4 (2 papers, one review, one grant)
** actual number = 12 (each protein requires three trips through the FPLC (Ni2+, Q, Ni2+) so it really does feel like a trillion.
***actual number = 9 (This really is no big deal as I am a cloning god. However, multitasking it into the rest of my daily duties makes for a long, non-stop day.
****I found out about these presentations last week.


ScientistMother said...

Totally get how you're feeling. Isn't blogging supposed to be where you can rant without guilt?

tideliar said...

ditto. Week two of this bullshit and my temper is an increasingly small, increasingly easy fuse to light. I am blistering with homicidal rage, which is also when I'm most creative, but unfortunately I'm buried under such a mountain of fucking minutiae that I'm not getting much done, of anything.

Thoughts with you bloggette mate.

Anonymous said...

BIG hugs XX!