Thursday, July 9, 2009

And it comes full circle

I don't really consider myself a klutz, but I'm not exactly accident-free either. The mishaps are infrequent, but the resulting pain and feeling like a jack-ass more than makes up for it. Since starting this blog, I've already documented two of then. Some of you may remember the story of the funky toe, or a nicely-documented account of getting my finger seared to a latex glove.

I new I was overdo for something stupid, especially after the good news this week. Then it happened last night. I accidentally kicked the fucking black guitar case lying on the floor, in the dark. It hurt like a motherfucker and I am 75% sure my pinky toe is broken.
There I was, walking along in the dark, minding my own business, trying to get to bed, when bam! Intense pain, can't make sound, can't breath. I'm sure I've lost three toes and broken my foot. Of course I didn't, but it swelled immediately and by this morning the top of my foot was a lovely shade of purple. Yes, I somehow managed to ram the top and side of my foot simultaneously. America, I've got talent. Go me!
Anyway, I spent the day hobbling around the lab in flip-flops, no less. Once I figured out how to not use my pinky toe in any way, shape or form, I got around OK.

So, I'm ready for Friday and a few cocktails.


PhizzleDizzle said...

You know, when I started reading this post, I was like, "oh no, she must have destroyed her funky toe!" I am glad (? I think?) that it was a different toe, but I'm sorry you're hurt.

ScientistMother said...

If it makes you feel better, i broke my pinky toe by ramming it into the hallway wall of my home. In full light. Isn't it amazing how much weight we actually put on that toe?

tideliar said...

Dude! Me and you both! I am getting nervous because I haven't been seriously hurt for a while now... I'm due a doozie I know it.

Seeing as you went back through the Liarchives (and thanks for making me smile with you comment), I'm gonna resurrect some old content from my closed blog. I have one pertinent to this very subject I can find and update....

Ambivalent Academic said...

Yay! Join the club! Both my pinky toes are deformed - broken multiple times by horses standing on them.

Horses are klutzier than people think, and they can't really feel their if they're standing on you, they generally don't realize it until you start roaring "GET OFF ME YOU LUMMOX!!!" Then they look at you all insulted-like..."Sheesh, what's your problem? I didn't mean could have just asked me nicely to get off of you."

Anyway, that's my broken pinky toe story. Hope yours feels better soon.

Ambivalent Academic said...


MMMmmmmmmm...that sounds good. Enjoy.

microbiologist xx said...

PD - I'm surprised I didn't somehow manage to hurt that toe too even though it is on the other foot. :)

SM - I know. All I was doing was walking, but the amount of force applied by my foot to the guitar case seems to indicate that my walk is more like a mad rush to nowhere.

tideliar - LOL! It's almost like clockwork.
Please do add some of the old content. Seriously, I was bent over laughing. Had I been drinking something, I would have either (a) snarfed or (b) sprayed it all over the computer.

AA - Ouch. I've never been stepped on by a horse, but I can't imagine that a toe would stand much of a chance. That must be what my cat feels like when I step on her tail while wearing heals. I can't quite translate the sound that comes out of her mouth, but it probably isn't very nice.
A friend of mine's birthday is tonight and we are going to a dance club full of hot gay men. I don't know how the toe is going to handle it, but I am sure the alcohol won't hurt.

tideliar said...

Found the old content. Now I just need to edit & post :)