Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So we bought Rock Band

and I may never get anything accomplished again.

I've already put off paper revisions, painting, eating, shopping and other domestic chores. I did make it back to work on Monday, so things aren't out of control just yet.


Anonymous said...

Word of warning:
Tomb Raider II almost cost me my PhD.

Ambivalent Academic said...

Wait...isn't Lancelot already *in* a rock band?

Thomas Joseph said...

I'm hooked, on all things, the Wii Sports game. I've reach "pro" status in Tennis. Now shooting for "pro" in baseball.

AA's BH said...

My thesis took a lot, lot longer thanks to various games. Think Vice City was one of the worst culprits. That and one of the Colin McRae Rally games.

Thomas Joseph said...

I put in roughly 14 hours* playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii this past three day weekend.

*The game actually has a hologram in the cantina which shows your length of time playing. How pathetic is that? I'm only 21% of the way through too.

microbiologist xx said...

TR - I'm right there with you on Tomb Raider. That game was evil.

AA - LOL! yes, but he doesn't play drums...

AA's BH - Lancelot lost many hours of sleep over Vice City. Did you ever play the new GTA?

TJ - I've heard the lego star wars is pretty freakin' awesome. I think that we probably spent at least 14h playing rock band this weekend. My hand and back are killing me. :)
So, when you are done playing this game you will know how much time it took to complete it if you use the hologram in the cantina thingie?

Anonymous said...

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