Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Magnum, PI and the grant

Remember that grant I wrote about a few posts ago. Well, I've got it and it is typed, not hand-written. (o.O) Apparently one of the assistants typed it into the computer and then distributed it to certain lab members.
Because my writing skills are strong, Magnum, PI requested that in addition to reading the grant with a critical eye toward the science, that I also edit the writing and "turn it into English."
So, that is what I am spending my free time doing this week, as corrections are due by Friday. Once he gets all of the corrections and suggestions, he will either incorporate or ignore them and then send me one last version for final editing.
Let's hope it's the most well-written grant Magnum, PI has handed in, evah!!


Ambivalent Academic said...

Yay for typing!

tideliar said...

Jolly exciting. Do a good job, have fun and good luck!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

That's a relief! Hand-written would have SUCKED.

microbiologist xx said...

Yes. What a relief! Trying to decipher a shit-ton of hand-written pages is not something I was looking forward to.