Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving Ab Workout

A few months ago Lancelot and I were introduced to this by bort at Nondiscovery Blog. Since then we have burned hundreds, maybe even thousands of calories, laughing or asses off at it. It's one of those that just gets funnier every time you watch. (I recommend back-to-back viewing for intense ab workout).

This clip is so damn funny that the Family Guy did a spoof on it. It's good stuff.

I hope eveyone had a happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha i forgot about that vid. Oh man *wipes tears away* i always feel like a bad person for laughing....HAHAHAHAHA *shrugs* o well.

PhizzleDizzle said...

omg, i feel so horrible when i laugh, but laugh i do. "uuuuunnnnnhhhhhh"

ohhhh, man.

microbiologist xx said...

LOL. I know just what you mean. :))
I feel kind of bad too, but those noises just push me beyond the point of self control. Of course, after watching a few dozen times the guilt seems to wear off.