Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oops. I forgot about the InaDWriMo Update.

I somehow missed that I was supposed to update my InaDWriMo progress on Saturdays. It doesn't really matter though, even if I had known, I wouldn't have posted an update since I was busy taking engagement pictures and partying.
My oldest friend, who happens to be a professional photographer, came into town to take the engagement pictures. In all honesty, I wasn't 100% on board with taking these pictures. Mainly this is because I think most engagement pictures are completely stupid. The poses are so ridiculous and awkward, I feel embarrassed just looking at them. Two people gazing into each others eyes makes me want to puke. On the other hand, Lancelot and I don't have any nice photos together, let alone any professional ones, so I'd hate to miss an opportunity to get some.
After complaining to my friend, she said she would be happy to take the pictures for me, and this helped tremendously. First of all, since she is a fine arts photographer instead of a wedding photographer, the pictures would not be posed and awkward. Second, I know her well, so I am not going to feel like such an idiot during the session.
Everything ended well. Thanks to having my friend take the pictures (and 1/2 a xanax), I didn't feel completely silly. I can't say I love the pictures, but that is mostly just because I am in them and really, nothing can be done about that. (One of the extra pictures is shown.)
Immediately after the photos, we all went to a party where I drank a little too much. So, as you can see, there was simply no time for an InaDWriMo update.
Now for the update: I haven't accomplished much of anything in the way of writing. I really want to get a serious start this week, but who knows if that will happen. I expect an insane surge in word count toward the end of the month, since I seem to enjoy waiting until the last minute to get anything done.


post-doc said...

You look so happy! That's the part of engagement photos that always delights me - when couples look so ridiculously happy with each other and themselves. That being said, I don't enjoy photos of myself either, so I feel your pain. But given this glimpse, I imagine the others are fabulous.

Anonymous said...
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PhizzleDizzle said...

i totally like that picture :). wooohooo! it's always nice to have a few good photos to put around the house.

microbiologist xx said...

Thanks guys. :)
I dreaded taking these pictures for the week leading up to them, but I had to admit that it wasn't so bad. My friend and Lancelot kept me laughing almost the entire time.
I am totally psyched to have some nice pics for the house. Much better than the Sears portrait in front of the fake trees or the one with your own disembodied head floating near you.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the engagement and the pix look great!

Way better than disembodied heads.


microbiologist xx said...

Thanks AA. Yes, much better than those disembodied heads.

Dr. A said...

Congrats! Now you not only have to fend of the graduation questions but the wedding date ones!

SOOOOO have you set a date????? When are you graduating??? What exactly is it you do anyway?

microbiologist xx said...

Dr. A - Thanks! Oh the agony of those questions. When we get married in Feb., we will have been together for 11y and living in sin for 10.5. If I never hear the question when are you getting married again, it will be too soon. Now I get to look forward to the when are you going to have children question. Ugg. It took me 11 years to get married, let's not rush people. :)

PhizzleDizzle said...

one of my favorite wedding cards we got said, "thank goodness now you never have to hear 'when are you getting married?' ever again." *open card* "so....when are you having a baby?"

it cracked me up.

my excuse has been that it doesn't make sense while in school - which might explain why even my grandmother is on my case about graduating. heh.