Friday, October 17, 2008

superduper nerdy

On the way to a friends car, me and female grad students were having a little verbal spar. This started in reference to an invited speaker who gave a presentation about RNA degradation. (Note: not direct quotes 'cause my memory is's Friday)
FGS1 "It was nice to hear a talk about RNA."
this transitioned, somehow, into:
microbiologist xx "I like hearing talks about bacteria instead of those lame organelle-containing organisms."
FGS1 "Yeah, those organelles can be problematic." She was referring to experiments.
microbiologist xx "Organelles are lame. I prefer dealing with only one membrane."
FGS "You mean a bag full of crap floating around?"
microbiologist xx "Bacteria have to be way more creative and resourceful. They don't have those lame-ass organelles helping them do everything. They do it by themselves...'cause they're awesome."
FGS2 "You guys are nerds."
microbiologist xx and FSG1 "yeah (laugh)"
microbiologist xx "I am going to blog about this. Yeah, I get even nerdier."


Dr. J said...

Just ask to compare electron transport chains :). See what they've got to say then!

"A bag full of crap", seriously that is nearly as bad as an immunologist I heard relatively recently refer to bacteria as a bag of antigens! I wasn't so impressed by that I can tell you.

I much prefer bacteria - one organism one gene. None of this haploid/dipoloid meisosis stuff and none of this intron exon stuff just to confuse matters!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

It's all about viruses for me. The smaller the better!

Anonymous said...

I guess some people really want to take the easy road ;) Not that I blame you...Nothing in science is easy.

ScientistMother said...

but the whole fun of it, is seeing how all the crap work together, how fubarring one gene can cause a train wreck! Truly its all about the fly!

Can you tell I'm enjoying the new lab?

microbiologist xx said...

I guess everyone has their own nerdy love. ;)

scientistmother - I am glad you are liking the new lab.