Friday, September 5, 2008

Just open the damn door already.

An open letter to the lazy people who work in my building:

Please, please, for the love of god, open the doors to the building using your actual hands and arms. It is really easy, just grasp the door handle, pull toward you (unless otherwise noted on the door) and walk through. Unless you are disabled or have your hands full, you don't need to press the button to open the door.

First of all, it actually takes more time to use the button than open the door yourself. You have to press the button, stand there (while blocking the path for everyone else) and wait. It also causes delays for everyone else because even though the button opens two doors, these people seem to enjoy standing right in the middle, so that when both doors open just enough, they can squeeze through. Meanwhile, everyone else is standing there, waiting to get in.

Second, it is fucking wasteful. Even though it only takes an able body person, carrying nothing, a couple of seconds to walk through the doorway, the doors remain open for significantly longer. So, long after the lazy person who couldn't be bothered to use their arms to pull on a door have walked away, the doors are still wide open while cold air billows out. Sure, the school foots the electric bill, but it is inexcusable to be this wasteful in order to avoid opening a damn door. If you don't know what the big deal is, then you need to pull your head out of your ass.

Finally, stop taking the use of your arms and legs for granted. Those buttons are there for people who cannot open the door without assistance. Almost everyday, I watch a man who drives his wheelchair around with a barely-functional finger use those doors. Do you think he wouldn't rather open the door like everyone else? When you roll up in a wheelchair, you too can use the button. Heck, if you walk up to the door carrying a ton of crap, you can use the button, but everyone else, burn the extra 2 calories required to manually open the door yourself.

Microbiologist xx


Anonymous said...

In my building opening the door via the handle has the same effect on it as pressing the button. Both trigger whatever electronic mechanism which pushes the door opened sloooooowly and keeps it open for quite some time as well. Except that you have to push hard on the door handle for it to move.

So, yes, I use the handicapped button.

Anonymous said...

Although not the exact same thing, it really annoys me when people stand in front of automatic doors. The spot where I wait for my bus is right in front of a building with automatic doors and there is always someone in front of the doors causing them to open and close every few seconds. All they have to do is move over about 3 feet to get it to stop, but they don't.

microbiologist xx said...

citronella - that sounds even more annoying. I guess options are always better, but still. ;)

nondiscovery - Maybe those people are pretending like they are using the force. :)