Monday, August 11, 2008

Thesis and a Wedding Dress

I scheduled my thesis defense for the end of September, so I really need to start writing my thesis. It is probably too soon to panic, but I am well beyond "getting a late start."
However, in an effort to avoid writing, I accomplished a few things for my wedding, including booking a photographer and purchasing a wedding dress. I know, this doesn't seem like a lot, but it actually is because of the comparison shopping that is required to avoid getting ass-raped by these people.
Getting the wedding dress was a nightmare from hell for two reasons (1) I loathe traditional wedding dresses and (2) everywhere I went carried 99% traditional wedding dresses. Unfortunately, I didn't realize point two until it was too late.
In an effort to make the experience less painful, I inadvertently made the process infinitely more awful. I mistakenly thought that if I was clear about exactly what I wanted from the beginning, I wouldn't have to try on so many dresses and the process would go more quickly. So, in plain English, I explained that: (a) I want a dress that is NOT puffy and consists of no more than a few layers of fabric; (b) I do not want any bows of any kind or sort and (c) I am not and do not want to look like a princess. What do they bring me? A butt-load of puffy, princess ball gowns full of beads and bows. blech. In return they got the burn in hell look and I refuse to try them on. As it turned out, the first four places I went to only had one or two dresses in stock that met these criteria. Instead of telling me that, the salespeople kept bringing me dress after dress that I hated, hoping they would wear me down. Well, they wore down my patience instead.
However, I did finally find a place that had a nice selection of non-puffy, bow-free, wedding dresses for a regular gal who does not want to wear a tiara. So, I bought a dress...finally.

Now all I have left to do is write my thesis.


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

I didn't want a traditional or puffy dress either, and luckily found a non-traditional shop in Vancouver called Frocks Modern Bridesmaids. I went for a simple green raw silk dress and it was Teh Awesome. Although I did also love the deep, rich, chocolatey brown colours, they wouldn't have gone as well with my husband's tartan.

Photo here!

microbiologist xx said...

Niiiice. I really like the color. From the description, it sounds like you had the type of wedding I hope to I love the chocolate brown too and I am hoping the groom and his peeps can wear it.

Mad Hatter said...

Hey, congrats on the defense date and the dress! I don't remember my dress-shopping experience to be quite that painful, but perhaps it's just because I've blocked out the memory. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ew you too??? I'm going to start this adventure on sunday with my mom...eeeeeeek!!

microbiologist xx said...

mad hatter - Thanks!!
I am hoping with time, that I too can block those early shopping experiences. ;)

rhea m. - Congratulations! I wish you and your Mom good luck on finding what you want.

I think part of my problem was knowing what I didn't want instead of what I wanted. Unfortunately, I shop using the "I'll know it when I see it" technique. That's just how I roll. :)

Anonymous said...

sigh. I had no its back to getting naked in front of everyone in the store for me!! lol. I think im gunna move on to the local consignment shops see what i can find there???

microbiologist xx said...

Oooooh noooooo. I am sorry to hear that. Good luck at the consignment shops.
Don't you just love standing around in you underwear. ;)

Anonymous said...


Ever thought of eloping? 40 bucks at city hall.... think of what you could do with all the cash you save on a wedding!

microbiologist xx said...

drdrA - Thanks!!
I have considered eloping! Unfortunately, I am an only child and my parents would be pretty disappointed. I think my fiance kinda wanted to have a wedding too. Go figure! :)