Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brimstone and Fire, for real this time

Last night the air conditioner quit blowing cold air. It was about 82 F inside the house last night and tonight it is even higher. The a/c repairman is booked until Thursday, so we will just have to sweat it out until then. Thankfully, hurricane Dolly (which isn't anywhere near me) is causing some scattered showers that are keeping the outside temperature a few degrees lower than it normally is this time of year and as a result, I have not undergone spontaneous human combustion.
Something super cool happened today too! I got the OK to defend my thesis from my advisor. I sent the two week window around to my committee members, and I am hoping to have a date narrowed down in the next few days. FINALLY!!!
Once my home can maintain a temperature at which my brain can function, I will start writing like a mad woman.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the thumbs up to defend!

microbiologist xx said...

Thank you academic,
I was starting to wonder if the end of graduate school would ever arrive.

Mad Hatter said...

Hey, that's awesome! Congrats!