Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thanks a lot Darth Vader

So, my original plans for this evening were to prepare for lab meeting. This entails reading a paper and making slides for presentation of said paper to fellow lab members and PI. Then, I was going to put my lab meeting slides together, but I can't. I can't access any info. from my Darth Vader flash drive. Initially, I could see the files, but I couldn't open them. According to my computer they were corrupt. Now my computer won't even recognize the flash drive at all. Is it the dark side?
It is not a huge deal, all the data is also on a computer in the department, so I haven't really lost anything...except my Darth Vader flash drive (which sucks ass). I guess I'll have to break out the R2D2 flash drive.

Yes, I am a Star Wars nerd.

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