Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Continental Breakfast

This weekend a friend of mine came into town and decided to rent a hotel room in downtown. She used to live here, so the plan was for several of us to meet at the hotel, go out, have a grand old time and then stay at the hotel for the night.
This hotel is very, very nice (and expensive). Supposedly the nicer hotels have superior service and products. For the most part I thought that this place did, that is, until I arrived at the continental breakfast.
I know you can only expect so much from the continental breakfast, but this wasn't the holiday inn express, so I was expecting a little more.
Most of the food choices were not edible.
The eggs were sitting in some kind of egg juice. I decided against trying them because I did not want any of the "juice" to get on my other food.
The bacon was charred. I love the hell out of bacon, but I couldn't make it through one strip.
The final cooked food offering was biscuits and sausage gravy. The biscuits were OK, but the sausage in the gravy was beyond gross. It was chewy and oddly shaped. Ultimately, I decided on the bagel and coffee.
The best part of the breakfast was when a "waiter" handed us a bill for $0.00 in hopes that we would fill in the tip line. I am not sure what I would be tipping him for since I got all of the food and beverages myself. Hell, I didn't even see the waiter until he brought me the blank bill. Whatever. I left it blank.
It's not like it is a big deal, I was just surprised that such a nice establishment that charges what they charge, would offer such disgusting food, even at a continental breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

You really should have brought some of that egg juice back to the lab. I bet all sorts of weird organisms were growing in there.